Dietary Factors Affecting Feed Intake In Receiving Feedlot Cattle

  • S. J. Bartle
  • T. P. Eck
  • R. L. Preston
Keywords: feedlot cattle


Four trials and 822 cattle were used to evaluate the effects of certain dietary factors on initial feed intake in receiving cattle. Cattle offered water only the first 6 to 8 hours off the truck consumed more feed the first day (d) in the feedlot than those offered feed only (1.23 vs .78% of live weight (LWT), P < .05). Cattle offered a mixed corn silage/milo diet consumed more (P < .05) the first d and the first week in the feedlot than cattle offered chopped alfalfa hay (1.27 vs .93 and 1.61 vs 1.41% of LWT, respectively). Cattle offered diets containing 12.5% crude protein (CP) tended to consume more the first d than cattle offered diets containing 10.5% CP. Also, cattle tended to consume greater amounts of diets containing urea and cottonseed meal as supplemental protein than diets containing a corn gluten meal/blood meal mixture. In conclusion, cattle should be offered water and a ration containing a moderate nutrient density (greater than 10.5% CP) when first received at the feedlot.
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