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Vol 29 (2016) 2016 ACT Research Symposium Proceedings Details   PDF
ACT Symposium
Vol 7 (1994) A Comparison of Herpetofauna Detection and Capture Techniques in Southern New Mexico Abstract   PDF
Eric E. Jorgensen, Stephen Demarais
Vol 5 (1992) A Comparison of Microbial Cellulase and Live Cell Rumen Inoculum for Estimating In Vitro Digestibility of Range Grasses Abstract   PDF
James B. Koostra, Robert J. Kinucan, Delmar I. Davis
Vol 30 (2017) A Demand Analysis for Fresh Tomatoes in the Dallas/Fort Worth Grocery Market. Abstract   PDF
Jose A. Lopez
Vol 19 (2006) A Description of Chapter Participation in the 2000-2005 Texas FFA Leadership Development Events Abstract   PDF
Doug Ullrich, Dwayne Pavelock, Roger Hanagriff, Tom Maynard
Vol 11 (1998) A Gradient Analysis of Understory Vegetation in a Sugarberry-Elm Floodplain Forest on the Brazos River Abstract   PDF
Perry J. Grissom, David B. Wester
Vol 6 (1993) A Qualitative Characteristics Model of County Youth Fair Animal Prices Abstract   PDF
Carl Dillon, David Moorman
Vol 24 (2011) A Taxonomic Key for Selected Turf-Type Bermudagrasses Abstract   PDF
Tim R. Pannkuk
Vol 29 (2016) A Trans-boundary Case Study of Water Conserving Agricultural Practices in the South Rio Grande Basin Abstract   PDF
Margaret Morris, Amy McFarland, Tina M. Waliczek, Laura Stroup
Vol 17 (2004) Absorption of Non-Protein Nitrogen in Guajillo by White-Tailed Deer Abstract   PDF
Michael J. Mayfield, Tyler A. Campbell, David G. Hewitt
Vol 14 (2001) Agricultural Safety and Health Education Analysis of Texas' First Year Agriculture Teachers Abstract   PDF
Doug R. Ullrich, Daniel J. Hubert, Tim H. Murphy
Vol 10 (1997) Agricultural Science Teachers’ Perceptions of Male and Female Agricultural Science Teachers in South Texas Abstract   PDF
Randall H. Williams, Paula K. Bodenhamer, Robn D. Haggerton
Vol 4 (1990) Allelopathic Effects of Two Grasses on Seed Germination of Three Wildlife Food Plants Abstract   PDF
Nurdin Fulbright, Timothy E. Fulbright
Vol 31 (2018) An Analysis of Fresh-Vegetable Consumption in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area Abstract   PDF
Jose A. Lopez
Vol 4 (1990) An Analysis of Recreation Expenditures by U.S. Consumers, 1939-1988 Abstract   PDF
James W. Kitchen, Paul D. Hutchison
Vol 29 (2016) An Economic Analysis of the Development and Management of a University Vermicomposting System: A Self-Sustaining Environmental and Waste Management Educational Tool Abstract   PDF
John E. Montoya, Tina Marie (Waliczek) Cade, Jean-Marc A. Gandonou
Vol 1 (1987) An Economic and Nutritional Evaluation of Pricklypear as an Emergency Forage Supplement Abstract   PDF
Armando Correa, Donald M. Nixon, Charles Russel
Vol 14 (2001) An Economic Assessment of Red Imported Fire Ant Impacts on the Texas Production Agriculture Abstract   PDF
David B. Willis, Victoria Salin, Curtis F. Lard, Sara Robison
Vol 7 (1994) An Estimated Economic Value for the Aubudon Sabal Palm Sanctuary Abstract   PDF
Gary McBryde
Vol 17 (2004) An Evaluation of the GO TEXAN Marketing Program: Results of the 2002-2003 Member Survey Abstract   PDF
Roger Hanagriff, Kevin Smith, Lesley Rakowitz, Dwayne Pavelock
Vol 3 (1989) An Investigation of Vitis arizonica (the Canyon Grape) as a Potential Rootstock in West Texas Abstract   PDF
Patrick J. Johnson, Richard A. Hilsenbeck
Vol 32 (2019) Analysis of the Comparative Advantage of Texas Upland Cotton Abstract   PDF
Zhongna Yang, Mark Yu, Ashley Lovell
Vol 3 (1989) Androstenone Aerosol and Azaperone Injection Influence on Pig Aggressive and Submissive Behaviors Abstract   PDF
Robert J. Hurst, John J. McGlone
Vol 20 (2007) Anhydrous Ammonia Injection Into Polyethylene Silage Bags to Enhance Forage Quality Attributes Abstract   PDF
W. D. Becker, B. C. Housewright, D. A. Harp, C. P. Bagley, M. E. McCormick
Vol 30 (2017) Assessing the Vegetative Diversity of an East Texas Golf Course Abstract   PDF
Brian P. Oswald, Penny G. Lanham, Hans Williams, David Kulhavy
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