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Vol 14 (2001) Effects of Herbicide and Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer Application on the Establishment of Wheatgrass Pastures in the Texas Rolling Plains Abstract   PDF
Dariusz P. Malinowski, William E. Pinchak, Todd A. Baughman, Gary Antilley
Vol 22 (2009) Effects of Intermittent Suckling on Sow and Piglet Performance Abstract   PDF
Erin G. Brown, Lindsey B. Krebs, Chris L. Boone, Ty Cauthen
Vol 21 (2008) Effects of Military Training Exercises on Texas Horned Lizard, Phrynosoma Cornutum, Occurrence on Fort Hood, Texas Abstract   PDF
Stephen L. Webb, Scott E. Henke
Vol 11 (1998) Effects of Paraquat Application and Timing on Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Growth, Yield, and Grade Abstract   PDF
W. James Grichar
Vol 10 (1997) Effects of Penned vs. Pasture Feeding Techniques on Cortisol Levels in Weaned Angus Bulls Abstract   PDF
C. A. Coburn, B. J. May, D. R. Shelby, C. B. Scott, G. R. Engdahl
Vol 1 (1987) Effects of Postemergence Herbicides on Seedling Development of Selected Legumes Abstract   PDF
Robert A. Lane, Henry Iyamu
Vol 16 (2003) Effects of Prickly Pear Control (Prescribed Fire x Herbicide) on Three Important Food Plants of Northern Bobwhite: An Observation Abstract   PDF
Fidel Hernandez, Scott E. Henke, Froylan Hernandez, Novy J. Silvy, Dayna Carter, D. Rollins
Vol 20 (2007) Effects of Protein and Energy Feeding on Ovine Oocyte Production and Developmental Capacity Abstract   PDF
W. A. Kiker, M. W. Salisbury, B. J. May, G. R. Engdahl
Vol 10 (1997) Effects of Protein Levels Fed During Winter on Subsequent Performance of Steers Grazing Tobosagrass Abstract   PDF
Carlos Villalobos, Carlton M. Britton, John S. Pitts
Vol 24 (2011) Effects of Protein or Energy Supplementation on In Situ Disappearance of Low- and High-Quality Coastal Bermudagrass Hay in Goats Abstract   PDF
Michelle S. Reinhard, Andrew P. Foote, Barry D. Lambert, Jim P. Muir
Vol 5 (1992) Effects of Reduced Tillage on Soil Temperature and Plant-Extractable Water Abstract   PDF
A. F. Garcia, D. T. Gardiner, J. A. Landivar, D. J. Lawler
Vol 1 (1987) Effects of Repeated Shredding on a Guajillo (Acacia belandieri) Community Abstract   PDF
Timothy E. Fulbright
Vol 23 (2010) Effects of Serum Levels of Copper and Zinc on Antibody Titers of Two Breeds of Stocker Calves Injected with Leptospirosis sp. Vaccine and Drenched with an Organic Mineral Supplement Abstract   PDF
Byron C. Housewright, Roger Skipper, David B. Crenshaw, C. P. Bagley
Vol 17 (2004) Effects of Shade and Rhizobium Inoculation on Herbage of Black and Button Medics Abstract   PDF
Sindy M. Interrante, James P. Muir, Randall E. Rosiere, Robert L. Rhykerd
Vol 1 (1987) Effects of Simulated Browsing on Spiny Hackberry after Top Removal Abstract   PDF
Henry A. Asah, Timothy E. Fulbright, Margaret L. Land
Vol 5 (1992) Effects of Sodium Chloride, Sodium Hexametaphosphate and Freezer Time on Restructured Beef Chuck Steaks Abstract   PDF
Paul A. Will, Gary L. Brown
Vol 3 (1989) Effects of Supplementation with Lasalocid and Synchronization with Melengesteral Acetate on Heifers to Improve Reproductive Efficiency Abstract   PDF
Robert A. Lane, William L. Nobles, F. Doug Blackard
Vol 23 (2010) Effects of Tasco-14 Supplementation on Growth and Fertility Traits in Young Male Boer Goats Experiencing Heat Stress Abstract   PDF
D. T. Yates, M. W. Salisbury, T. T. Ross, H. Anderson
Vol 5 (1992) Effects of Tractor Traffic and Soil Moisture Tension on Yield of Norgold Russet 'M' Potatoes Abstract   PDF
William B. Green, Ellen B. Peffley
Vol 8 (1995) Effects of Various Levels of Sodium Chloride and Hexametaphosphate on Restructured Beef Steaks During Cooler Storage Abstract   PDF
Paul A. Will, Hyung Se Kim
Vol 20 (2007) Effects of Varying Forage Source in a Concentrate Diet on the Metabolism and Apparent Retention of Crude Protein by Lambs Abstract   PDF
Matthew L. McMillan, Sam P. Jackson, Stanley F. Kelley
Vol 27 (2014) Effects of Wet Aging and Temperature on Warner-Bratzler Shear Force, Sensory Characteristics, and Microbial Shelf-Life of Pork Loin Chops Abstract   PDF
Leslie L. Frenzel, Randy M. Harp, Barry D. Lambert, Jason T. Sawyer, Mark A. Frenzel
Vol 13 (2000) Efficacy of Rhodamine B as a Fecal Marker for White-Tailed Deer Abstract   PDF
Stephen L. Webb, Scott E. Henke, Chico Barrera, Joseph Nelson
Vol 4 (1990) Elasticity of Breakeven Prices Between Agricultural Enterprises Abstract   PDF
Carl R. Dillon, James E. Casey
Vol 12 (1999) Electric Power Deregulation: Potential Impacts on Irrigated Crop Production in the Texas High Plains Abstract   PDF
Phillip Johnson
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