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Vol 27 (2014) Lunar Influence on Post-Castration Performance of Baby Piglets Abstract   PDF
Jacob R. Lange, Randy M. Harp, Joe M. Cadle, Rudy S. Tarpley, Christopher L. Higgins, Barry D. Lambert
Vol 9 (1996) Management of Forage Sorghum: Nitrogen, Plant Density and Irrigation Effects on Yield and Quality Abstract   PDF
Matt A. Sanderson, Ronald M. Jones, James C. Read
Vol 23 (2010) Management of Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) in Second-Generation Glyphosate-Resistant Cotton Abstract   PDF
Max A. Batla, J. Wayne Keeling, Peter A. Dotray
Vol 22 (2009) Market Valuation for Attributes of Female Beef Cattle Replacements Abstract   PDF
Lawrence Falconer, Jerry Gray, Donnie Montemayor, Brian Yanta
Vol 11 (1998) Mineral Composition of Bermudagrass and Native Forages in Texas Abstract   PDF
L. W. Greene, P. F. Hardt, D. B. Herd
Vol 10 (1997) Mixed-Brush Reestablishment Following Herbicide Treatment in the Davis Mountains, West Texas Abstract   PDF
Thomas J. Vanzant III, Robert J. Kinucan, W. Allan McGinty
Vol 26 (2013) Morphological Characteristics and Effects of Telazol on American Badgers in South Texas Abstract   PDF
Daniel P. Collins, Louis A. Harveson, Donald C. Ruthven III
Vol 19 (2006) Natural Gas Price Impact on Irrigated Agricultural Water Demands in the Texas Panhandle Region Abstract   PDF
Briget Guerrero, Stephen Amosson, Thomas Marek, Lal Almas
Vol 28 (2015) Nitrate Concentration of Water in Hydroponic System Impacts Nitrogen Concentration of Wheatgrass Roots and Shoots Differently Abstract   PDF
Valerie Gamao, Harley D. Naumann, Barry D. Lambert
Vol 24 (2011) Nitrogen Management in No-Till and Conventional-Till Dual-Use Wheat/Stocker Systems Abstract   PDF
John Sij, Mark Belew, William Pinchak
Vol 17 (2004) Northern Bobwhite Home Range and Survival in Response to Baiting Multiple Roads in Southern Texas: An Observation of Management Concern Abstract   PDF
Aaron M. Haines, Fidel Hernandez, Scott E. Henke, Ralph L. Bingham
Vol 14 (2001) Nutritional Evaluation of Low-Grade Corn for Ruminants Abstract   PDF
C. R. Richardson, B. D. Clements, G. V. Pollard
Vol 4 (1990) Nutritional Parameters of Seven Improved Grasses on the Texas High Plains Abstract   PDF
Kay L. Marietta, Carlton M. Britton, Paul F. Cotter
Vol 21 (2008) Nutritive Evaluation of Two Legumes (Strophostyles) Supplemented to Goats Fed a High Quality Coastal Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) Hay Diet Abstract   PDF
J. L. Foster, J. P. Muir, W. C. Ellis, B. D. Lambert
Vol 12 (1999) Observations of Avian Nesting Activity in Burned and Non-burned Weeping Lovegrass CRP Abstract   PDF
Deanna Oberheu, Rob Mitchell, Brad Dabbert, Seth Davis
Vol 8 (1995) Observations of Grass Community Dynamics in Short Duration Grazing Systems in West Texas Abstract   PDF
Cody B. Scott, Walter H. Schacht, Clayton S. McCowan, Steve Hartmann
Vol 12 (1999) Observations of Milk Production and Weight Change in Beef Cows Fed Extruded Cottonseed Abstract   PDF
A. D. Herring, M. B. Larremore, K. J. Sanders, C. R. Richardson, L. J. Hughes
Vol 23 (2010) Observed Results and Possible Outcomes of Implementing a Veterinary Technology Program into High School Agriculture Departments in Texas Abstract   PDF
Douglas G. Morrish, Elizabeth G. Callen
Vol 4 (1990) Occupational Status and Educational Needs of Graduates from the College of Agricultural Sciences, Texas Tech University, 1971-1986 Abstract   PDF
Lewis Eggenberger, Marvin Cepica
Vol 4 (1990) Occupational Status and Educational Needs of Graduates from the College of Agricultural Sciences, Texas Tech University, 1971-1986 Abstract   PDF
Lewis Eggenberger, Marvin Cepica
Vol 16 (2003) Occurrence of Feral Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris) in Northwest Texas: An Observation Abstract   PDF
Jan F. Kamler, Warren Ballard, Philip S. Gipson
Vol 24 (2011) Opinion Leaders' Influence on College Students' Perceptions of the National Animal Identification System Abstract   PDF
Jeanie M. Long, Tracy A. Rutherford, Gary J. Wingenbach
Vol 1 (1987) Ordination Analysis of Ant Faunae along the Range Expansion Front of the Red Imported Fire Ant in South-Central Texas Abstract   PDF
D. B. Wester, L. Chandler
Vol 9 (1996) Outerbasin, Annulus and Playa Basin Infiltration Studies Abstract   PDF
R. E. Zartman, R. H. Ramsey, P. W. Evans, G. Koenig, C. Truby, L. Kamara
Vol 11 (1998) Palustrine Wetland Vegetative Dominance Types Along the Central Coast of Texas Abstract   PDF
James T. Anderson, Thomas C. Tacha
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