The Effect of the Master Marketer Program on Participants' Knowledge, Adoption of Practices, and Relative Price Received

Dean A. McCorkle, Xiaoyan Qin, Rodolfo M. Nayga Jr., Ximing Wu, Mark L. Waller, Stephen H. Amosson, Jackie G. Smith, Stan J. Bevers, Mark Welch


The Master Marketer program is an intensive commodity marketing and risk management educational program for agricultural producers. This program combines three successful educational concepts – intensive educational programming, master volunteers, and marketing clubs - into a unique marketing and risk management program. This study analyzes the effects of the Master Marketer program on participants’ market knowledge, adoption of risk management practices, and relative price received. While the program positively affects participants’ market knowledge, adoption of marketing practices, and commodity prices received, this analysis suggests that graduates’ reported benefits are correlated with certain demographic characteristics and farm attributes.


extension education; risk management; marketing; evaluation

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