A Description of Chapter Participation in the 2000-2005 Texas FFA Leadership Development Events

Doug Ullrich, Dwayne Pavelock, Roger Hanagriff, Tom Maynard


The Texas FFA conducts twelve events each fall that facilitate classroom learning, enabling students to apply leadership skills in competitive situations.  These events are known as Leadership Development Events (LDEs).  The study’s purpose was to describe the level of participation of Texas FFA chapters in LDEs, beginning in 2000.  The study’s population was Texas FFA chapters participating in LDEs from 2000-2005 (N=~980).  Data was reported by the 52 district teacher presidents to the Texas FFA executive director and compiled using an Excel spreadsheet.  Each year, a 100% response rate was achieved. The vast majority (785 chapters, or 80.10%) of FFA chapters participated in LDEs in 2005, meaning 195 (19.90%) programs did not participate.  Nine Areas reported over 77 percent of its chapters participating in LDEs.  The highest percentage participated in Chapter-level FFA Creed (64.69%) and Greenhand FFA Creed (48.47%), while Ag Issues (15.71%) and Greenhand FFA Skills Demonstration (18.98%) had the lowest participation.  The greatest increases from 2000 to 2005 were in Job Interview (65.74%) and Public Relations (49.18%), while Greenhand Chapter Conducting and Ag Issues experienced slight decreases.  Total participation for the six-year period increased by more than 18 percent.


agricultural education; agricultural science; agriscience; FFA; career development events; leadership development events

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