Spatial Distribution of Playa Basins on the Texas High Plains


  • J. P. Quillin
  • R. E. Zartman
  • E. B. Fish


Texas High Plains, Playa basins, spatial distribution


There are approximately 20,500 playa basins on the Texas High Plains.  The position, distribution, and alignment of playa basins can be observed on maps or aerial photographs.  Latitude and longitude coordinates, in degrees, for the center of mass of each playa were the inputs used to quantify the spatial distribution.  Point-to-point and origin-to-point functions were analyzed to quantify the spatial distribution of playa basins.  Counties north of the Canadian river and along the Caprock escarpment have clustered playa basin distributions. Counties southwest of this region have high playa density and regular spatial distribution.  The counties in the far southwestern portion of the Texas High Plains have low playa density and clustered spatial distribution patterns.




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Quillin, J. P., Zartman, R. E., & Fish, E. B. (2016). Spatial Distribution of Playa Basins on the Texas High Plains. Texas Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 18, 1–14. Retrieved from



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