An Evaluation of the GO TEXAN Marketing Program: Results of the 2002-2003 Member Survey


  • Roger Hanagriff
  • Kevin Smith
  • Lesley Rakowitz
  • Dwayne Pavelock


GO TEXAN, agricultural marketing, Texas Department of Agriculture


Essential to the survival of any agricultural firm is its ability to market products and not simply sell them.  Support for such an initiative and leadership from the state’s department of agriculture is crucial in today’s economy.  Launched by Susan Combs, Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner, the GO TEXAN program is an innovative marketing approach for Texas’ agricultural products.  The campaign uses an easily recognizable trademark – a glowing brand in the shape of Texas – to promote agricultural products produced in Texas.  Evaluating such programs enables the lead organization to successful elements and those needing revision.  This study assessed methods used by GO TEXAN producers to market their products.  The study also focused on the level of success experienced by producers and the degree to which that success could be attributed to the program.  The study found that producers experienced success directly linked to their involvement in the GO TEXAN program.  These results are providing the programs’ management personnel with insight into its effectiveness and opportunities for even greater results.




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Hanagriff, R., Smith, K., Rakowitz, L., & Pavelock, D. (2016). An Evaluation of the GO TEXAN Marketing Program: Results of the 2002-2003 Member Survey. Texas Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 17, 1–8. Retrieved from



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