Skills for Agricultural Science Teachers: School Administrator's Perspectives

Amanda Lyn Taylor, Robert L. Williams


This study was conducted in order to assess what skills school administrators deem important for the Agricultural Science teachers to possess and what level of importance they place on each skill.  The collection of data for this study took place in May 2000.  The data collection instrument consisted of a direct mail questionnaire containing 49 separate phrases in regard to teachers’ skills.  The questionnaire was sent to all public school superintendents in 128 districts in Educational Service Center Regions 8 and 10.  The skills were rated on a five point Likert-type scale with 1 being Unimportant and 5 being Essential and ranked according to their mean score.  The study revealed that administrators perceive skills in the areas of leadership development and supervised experience programs, service to special populations, and instructional management as the most important skills needed by Agriculture Science teachers.  Skills in production agriculture and natural resources were perceived as less important.


agricultural science teachers; school administrators; teacher skill; teacher knowledge

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