Evaluation of Nineteen Zoysiagrass Turfgrass Cultivars on the Texas High Plains

M. A. Maurer, D. L. Auld, C. L. Murphy, C. B. McKenney


The development of turfgrass quality zoysiagrasses (Zoysia spp. Willd.) is dependent upon texture, density, length of growing season, and overall turfgrass quality. Nineteen zoysiagrass cultivars were evaluated for their potential as a high quality turfgrass at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX, due to the relatively high elevation (1000m) and latitude (34°N), this area represents one of the most severe environments in which zoysiagrasses have previously exhibited marginal adaptation. Based on turfgrass quality ratings over four-years (1997-2000) the highest rated cultivars were El Toro, Emerald, HT-210, JaMar and Miyako all of which were vegetatively propagated. The highest rated seed propagated cultivars were J-37, Chinese Common, Zenith, Zen-400 and J-36.


Zoysia spp; cultivar evaluation; turfgrass quality

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