Effects of Early Harvest PGR on PEanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Growth, Yield, and Quality

W. James Grichar, Brent A. Besler, Kevin D. Brewer, Robert G. Lemon


Field studies were conducted from 1996 to 1999 to determine peanut response to Early Harvest PGR, a commercial hormonal growth regulator consisting of 0.09% cytokinins as kinetin, 0.03% gibberellic acid, 0.045% indole butyric acid, and 99.835% inert ingredients. Early Harvest was applied either as a seed treatment, an in-furrow treatment, and as a foliar spray. Regardless of application timing, Early Harvest did not improve peanut yield across any varieties and resulted in increased peanut plant height or grade in only one year of the study.


grade; groundnut; growth; plant growth regulator

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