An Economic Assessment of Red Imported Fire Ant Impacts on the Texas Production Agriculture

David B. Willis, Victoria Salin, Curtis F. Lard, Sara Robison


A survey of 3,612 Texas agricultural producers was conducted to estimate the economic damage Red Imported Fire Ants impose on agricultural producers. Statewide and regional damage estimates for crop losses, livestock losses, equipment repair and equipment replacement, medical expenses, veterinary cost, farmstead damages, and control costs are derived. Agricultural damages in Texas annually exceed $90 million and 37% of the damage is a consequence of lost crop yield. Average per farm loss, for farms reporting losses, range from a low of $26 for farms located in agricultural district 2-N in West Texas to a high of $9,438 for farms located in agricultural district 10-S located in Southeastern Texas.


RIFA; economic impacts; damages

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