Using Strongarm for Weed Control in Texas Peanut

W. James Grichar, Peter A. Dotray, Robert G. Lemon, Todd Baughman, V. B. Langston, B. Braxton


Field experiments were conducted in 1995 through 1997 in south and west Texas to evaluate Strongarm (diclosulam) for weed control in peanut. Strongarm applied preplant incorporated (PPI) at 0.15 oz product/A in combination with Sonalan at 1.1 qt/A controlled greater than or equal to 95% Texas panicum, Palmer amaranth, morningglory species, and golden crownbeard and 91% devil's-claw. When Strongarm rates were increased to 0.44 oz/A, yellow and purple nutsedge were controlled at least 89% and 72%, respectively.


Arachis hypogaea L.; broadleaf weeds; groundnut; purple nutsedge; preplant incorporated; yellow nutsedge

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