Estimating the Potential to Reduce Agricultural Irrigation Water Demand in West Central Texas

Jason Johnson, Phillip Johnson, David Willis, Eduardo Segarra, Don Ethridge, Ronald Lacewell, John Ellis, Stephen Amosson


The purpose of this paper is to assess future agricultural irrigation demand and estimate the potential for water savings from advanced irrigation technology adoption in Region F, an area encompassing 32 West Central Texas counties. This involved calculating irrigation water demand based on existing cropping activities, irrigation technologies and typical irrigation application rates and assessing the potential water savings resulting from adoption of the most feasible irrigation technology. Results suggest that certain counties within Region F (Borden, Glasscock, Loving, Midland, Reagan, Reeves, and Tom Green) will be unable to meet irrigation demands even with utilization of the most efficient technology. It can be anticipated that in those counties, some portion of the irrigated acres will shift to non-irrigated crop production or to other uses.

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