College Senior Interns Satisfaction Concerning Intern Station Supervisor Performance

S. K. Johnson, J. M. Johnson


Faculty in the Department of Agricultural Services and Development at Tarleton State University supervise 45-55 agri-industry interns each year. This study covered a five and one half year period and interns who were placed in a broad range of agricultural occupations. This study had as one objective to determine the satisfaction level of interns toward the performance of selected tasks by their supervisors. The responses were studied according to the various types of occupations. The training stations were divided into the following six groups: agricultural sales, extension service, other governmental agencies, agricultural communications, production oriented companies, and companies supplying technological services. The order of rankings according to satisfaction of interns was: (1) sales, (2) extension, (3) other governmental agencies, (4) agri-communication, (5) production, (6) technological services. Sales were significantly higher than all categories except extension. Technology scored significantly lower than all categories except production. The study also divided interns according to type of compensation.  Two categories were established: paid and non-paid. It was found that interns who were not paid were significantly more satisfied with the performance of their supervisors than those who were paid.


satisfaction; agri-industry interns

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