Comparison of Agricultural Gypsum with Power Plant By-Product Gypsum for South Texas Potato Production

W. James Grichar, Brent A. Besler, A. J. Jaks, Kevin D. Brewer, Mark J. McFarland


Field studies were conducted in 1998 and 1999 in Frio County to evaluate the effects of power plant by-product gypsum in comparison with agricultural gypsum applied at planting on potato (Solanum tubersum) production.  'Atlantic' and '1625' potato varieties were grown  using rates of 1000  to 4000 lb/A of commercial agricultural grade gypsum and power plant by-product gypsum. Potato yield and quality were not affected by gypsum  rate  regardless of product source. In addition,  no heavy metal accumulation in plant tissue was noted with by-product gypsum.


Atlantic; tuber; quality; yield; 1625; potato production

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