Effects of Paraquat Application and Timing on Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Growth, Yield, and Grade

W. James Grichar


Field studies were conducted to evaluate paraquat or paraquat and bentazon mixtures and timing of application on runner-type peanut yield, injury, and grade. Single applications of paraquat at 0.14 kg ha-1 reduced peanut plant growth when applied 7, 14, 21, and 28 days after peanut emergence (DAE). Multiple applications of paraquat applied at peanut emergence (Emergence) and 14 DAE, 7 and 21 DAE, 14 and 28 DAE, and 7 and 28 DAE reduced peanut plant growth more than single applications. Paraquate applied at 21 DAE, Emergence and 14 DAE, 7 and 21 DAE, and 14 and 28 DAE reduced peanut yield when compared with pendimethalin at 0.84 kg ha-1 applied preplant incorporated (PPI). Peanut grade was not affected by any paraquat treatments. Tank mixes of paraquat+bentazon resulted in less peanut stunting than paraquat alone and treatment yields did not differ from the pendimethalin treatment.


groundnut; herbicide injury; peanut quality; paraquat

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