Outerbasin, Annulus and Playa Basin Infiltration Studies


  • R. E. Zartman
  • R. H. Ramsey
  • P. W. Evans
  • G. Koenig
  • C. Truby
  • L. Kamara


playas, infiltration, cracking soils


Infiltration within a playa lake basin and its surrounding outerbasin area determines playa usage. One playa was the site of four infiltration experiments with infiltrometers ranging in size from 5- to 350-inch diameter. First-minute infiltration rates (182, 116, 10.6 and 2.1 inches per hour) were dependent on infiltrometer diameter and experimental method utilized. In two experiments, outerbasin and annulus infiltration were evaluated in addition to playa basin infiltration. For these experiments, playa basin infiltration rates significantly exceeded those of their outerbasin counterparts. The implications are that environmental pollution can occur if the playas are not properly managed.




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Zartman, R. E., Ramsey, R. H., Evans, P. W., Koenig, G., Truby, C., & Kamara, L. (2016). Outerbasin, Annulus and Playa Basin Infiltration Studies. Texas Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 9, 23–32. Retrieved from https://txjanr.agintexas.org/index.php/txjanr/article/view/240



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