Eclipta (Eclipta prostrata L.) Control in Peanuts (Arachis hypogaea L.) with Soil-Applied Herbicides

W. James Grichar, A. Edwin Colburn


Field studies were conducted in 1992 through 1994 to determine the most effective eclipta control in peanuts with soil-applied herbicides. Sonalan, Prowl, Treflan or Dual in combination with Pursuit provided greater than 80% control at three of four test locations. Prowl applied preplant incorporated plus the experimental herbicide V-53482 applied preemergence and Frontier applied preplant incorporated or preemergence controlled > 90% eclipta at three of four locations. Herbicide systems which included Cobra and the experimental herbicide, RH-1658, applied preemergence resulted in >90% control at all locations. Effective eclipta control resulted in up to a five-fold increase in peanut yield over plots with no control.


preplant incorporated; preemergence; groundnut; weed control; peanuts

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