Siratro: A Legume for South Texas

James D. Arnold


The value of legumes in a forage program is well established, however; south Texas lacks a summer-growing legume for improved pasture. The objectives of this study were to determine the quality and productivity of Siratro (Phaseolus atropurpureus D.C.), a sub-tropical legume species, in south Texas. 1b determine the effects of inoculation and phosphorus fertilizer, samples were analyzed for crude protein (CP), cell wall content (CWC), and drymatter yield (DM). Inoculation + 268 Ibs/A triplesuperphophate increased CP (20.2%) and DM (2,214 Ibs/A) and decreased CWC (47.1%) levels. Results of this study indicate that Siratro can be grown in south Texas and has good forage quality and productivity if properly inoculated and fertilized.


legumes; Siratro; South Texas

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