Factors Influencing the Prices of Market Cattle in South Texas

Denis E. Hale, Donald M. Nixon, Margaret E. Land


The purpose of this study was to see what factors influenced the price of market cattle in South Texas. Feeder and slaughter cattle were examined, and the factors proposed to have an influence on these cattle were type, sex, weight, buyer, condition, grade, horns, market and area. The results showed that, of the nine variables proposed, sex, grade and weight had the most significant influence on the price paid for market cattle in South Texas. Condition and presence of horns was revealed as being significant in influencing market cattle prices. On the basis of this study it is recommended that (1) dehorning and castration of male calves become a regular practice, (2) condition of the cattle should be examined before marketing, (3) a grading system for feeder cattle should be instituted and (4) the optimum weights at which to sell cattle should be investigated.


market cattle; South Texas; price

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