Forage Quality of Common Buffelgrass as Influenced by Prescribed Fire

C. Wayne Hanselka


Response of common buffelgrass (Cenchrus illi!u:W nutri-tional components to prescribed fire was monitoried during two consecutive years. Prescribed burning during late winter gener-ally increased crude protein (CP), total digestible nutrients (TDN), phosphorus (P), Calcium (Co), and potasium (K) levels for 3-4 months post-burn. CP and roN levels increased after burning in excess of lactating cow requirements. Ca and K levels were adequate at all times. Amounts of P increased slightly with burning but generally were below minimum livestock needs. These results indicate that winter-burned common buffelgrass pastures can provide high quality forage to grazing animals during spring months. Animals with high nutritional needs can use burned buffelgrass regrowth to their advantage during this critical period of the year.


forage quality; common buffelgrass; prescribed fire; crude protein; total digestible nutrients; phosphorus

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