An Investigation of Vitis arizonica (the Canyon Grape) as a Potential Rootstock in West Texas

Patrick J. Johnson, Richard A. Hilsenbeck


The Canyon Grape, Vilis arjzonjca, a species native to far west Texas, is evaluated for its use as a rootstock using six recently developed criteria. The study seeks to determine the suitability Dry. arjzonica as a rootstock for the purpose of grafting scions of Vilis vjnjfera (various varieties), the European wine grape, in an effort to enhance wine grape production in Texas. Propagation methods of V.arizonica from dormant, woody cuttings are as-sessed, as is the efficacy of grafting trials using both rooted and unrooted stock material. Field observations concerning the ecological requirements of y. arizonjca are presented including the first report of a leaf-galling form of the grape phylloxera parasiting this species in its native habitat. The necessity of evaluating the performance of V. arizonica as a suitable stock under actual vineyard conditions is discussed, including trails being conducted at the Sui Ross State University experimental vineyard.


Vitis arizonica; V. vinifera; rootstock; scion; propagation; disease resistance

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