Supplemental Feeding of Free-Ranging Deer in South Texas

Robert E. Zaiglin, Charles A. DeYoung


Free-ranging white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) near Laredo, Texas were fed a pelleted supplement from February 1976 to August 1977. Adult deer consumed the supplement readily but did not appear to travel far to obtain it. Fawns were never observed utilizing the supplement. Deer use of some feeder sites was curtailed because collared peccary (Taynssu taiacu) chased deer away. Consumption of supplement was inversely related to average crude protein content of selected forage plants except during winter. Helicopter counts in October showed significantly higher fawn/doe ratios in the supplemented pastures.


deer; Odocoileus virginianus; supplemental feed; Texas; white-tailed deer

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