Androstenone Aerosol and Azaperone Injection Influence on Pig Aggressive and Submissive Behaviors

Robert J. Hurst, John J. McGlone


A total of 80 nursery-age pigs were used to compare the effectiveness of azaperone and androstenone on reducing the aggressive and submissive behavior in freshly mixed pigs. Forty pairs of unfamiliar barrows and gilts were placed in pens for 24 hr. Duration of aggressive and submissive behavior by each pig were recorded and analyzed. Results showed that androstenone reduced the total duration of aggressive and submissive behavior to levels below that of the control pigs (p = .069). This effect was eliminated for aggressive behavior when both azaperone and androstenone were applied (p > .4). Both azaperone and androstenone reduced submissive behavior below control levels (p < .05). In conclusion, androstenone is more effective than azaperone in reducing pig agonistic behaviors, and androstenone's anti-aggressive property was reduced when given in combination with azaperone.


pigs; behavior; aggression

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