Dietary Factors Affecting Feed Intake In Receiving Feedlot Cattle

S. J. Bartle, T. P. Eck, R. L. Preston


Four trials and 822 cattle were used to evaluate the effects of certain dietary factors on initial feed intake in receiving cattle. Cattle offered water only the first 6 to 8 hours off the truck consumed more feed the first day (d) in the feedlot than those offered feed only (1.23 vs .78% of live weight (LWT), P < .05). Cattle offered a mixed corn silage/milo diet consumed more (P < .05) the first d and the first week in the feedlot than cattle offered chopped alfalfa hay (1.27 vs .93 and 1.61 vs 1.41% of LWT, respectively). Cattle offered diets containing 12.5% crude protein (CP) tended to consume more the first d than cattle offered diets containing 10.5% CP. Also, cattle tended to consume greater amounts of diets containing urea and cottonseed meal as supplemental protein than diets containing a corn gluten meal/blood meal mixture. In conclusion, cattle should be offered water and a ration containing a moderate nutrient density (greater than 10.5% CP) when first received at the feedlot.


feedlot cattle

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