Initial Establishment of 14 Forage Species on Rootplowed Creosotebush (Larrea tridentata) Rangeland in Presidio County, Texas

James T. Nelson, Susan Gabel


In June and July of 1985, 14 species were broadcast seeded on a sandy and gravelly range site in Presidio County, Texas. Both sites supported heavy creosote bush (Larrea tridentata) communities and were rootplowed and disced to remove the shrubs and prepare a seedbed. Over-all average seedling density in the fall of 1985 was 84.68 per 50 square feet on the sandy site and 76.38 on the grav-elly site. Five species (and a mixture) showed better than average establishment on both sites. These were: A-68 Lehmans lovegrass (Eragrostis lehmanniana), Cochise lovegrass (E. lehmanniana x tricophora), Niner sideoats grama (Bouteloua curtipendula), green sprangletop (Leptochloa dubia) and Llano buffelgrass (Cenchrus ciliaris).


forage; creosotebush; Presidio County

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