Visitor Response to Fire Ants in Texas Parks

  • R. Terry Ervin
  • William R. Tennant Jr.
Keywords: red imported fire ants, Texas state park


This study analyzes the impact of Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA), Solenopsis invicta (Buren), infestations on recreational visitation to Texas state park facilities. Data representing a 19-year period were analyzed for 35 park facilities. Tests of significance were conducted to determine if visitation to parks with RlFA infestations was affected. Analysis indicates that RIFA's presence in Texas state park facilities at the infestation levels existing in the study period have not affected visitation to those facilities.
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Ervin, R. T., & Tennant Jr., W. R. (2016). Visitor Response to Fire Ants in Texas Parks. Texas Journal of Agriculture and Natural Resources, 4, 13-16. Retrieved from
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