Effects of Tasco-14 Supplementation on Growth and Fertility Traits in Young Male Boer Goats Experiencing Heat Stress

D. T. Yates, M. W. Salisbury, T. T. Ross, H. Anderson


The current study examined effects of supplementation of Tasco-14 (seaweed, kelp extract) on growth and fertility in young male goats experiencing heat stress.  Twenty young Boer males (27.8 ± 1.5 kg) were grouped randomly into 1 of 4 dry-lot pens and maintained on a free choice high-energy diet.  Goats received either supplementation of Tasco-14 (35 g/week, oral) or no supplementation (control) for an 84-day period, during which weekly average high temperatures ranged from 32.1-38.2 °C.  Data were collected for scrotal growth, average daily gain (ADG), final live-animal ribeye area (REA), bi-weekly rectal temperature, final sperm cell concentration, and final sperm motility score.  No differences (P > 0.05) were observed between supplemented and control males for scrotal circumference growth, REA, or ADG.  Rectal temperature was greater (P = 0.010) in males receiving Tasco-14 than in controls.  Although no difference (P = 0.232) was observed between treatments for sperm motility score, sperm cell concentration was greater (P = 0.036) in supplemented males than in controls.  Thus, sperm cell motility was unaffected and sperm cell concentration was improved by supplementation of Tasco-14 in growing males experiencing heat stress, despite marginally increased body temperature.


heat stress; kelp extract; seaweed extract; Tasco-14; Boer goats

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